Koninklijke Vliegclub De Wouw

Vliegveld Goetsenhoven (EBTN)

Informatie voor omwonenden

Onze club vliegt op zaterdag, zondag en militaire feest- en brugdagen. Volgende speciale activiteiten zijn gepland:

  • 14 april (Paasmaandag): geen vliegactiviteiten (beperking milieuvergunning)
  • 19, 20, 21 mei: Driedaagse van De Wouw (clubwedstrijd zweefvliegsectie)
  • 1-5 en 8-12 juli: Zweefvliegkamp
  • 1, 2 september: Opendeurdag De Wouw en ULM Goetsenhoven

Volgende vergadering overlegplatform: oktober 2017

Visiting pilots

Our airfield is stricktly PPR. Phone number +32 16 81 22 78 during opening hours (Saturday, Sunday, official and military Holidays - from 10am till sunset). No civil flights allowed outside the club's opening hours.

Right hand circuit, circuit altitude 1254ft AGL (1500ft AMSL). Follow published circuits to avoid populated areas.

Landing fee: 5,00 EUR per aircraft for non club members.

AVGAS not available for non club members.

Due to environmental regulations: no DPM, no low passes, no touch and go allowed for non home-based aircraft. Airfield closed on Easter Mondays.

Goetsenhoven Radio 125,375 MHz.

Glider winching on Saturdays from October 15 till March 31. Do not overfly AD below 2000ft AMSL. EBTN Winching procedures explained

Ultralight Aircraft: contact ULM Goetsenhoven for more information about their operations.

Maps: Aerodrome Circuits (PDF) - Aerodrome Layout (PDF) - Circuits on satellite image (PDF)

NOTAM - New Declared Distances as from 21 October 2017
RWY 06 720m x 30m 620m (2034ft) 720m (2362ft) 620m (2034ft) 655m (2149ft)
RWY 24 720m x 30m 655m (2149ft) 720m (2362ft) 655m (2149ft) 620m (2034ft)
RWY 17 780m x 30m 660m (2165ft) 780m (2560ft) 660m (2165ft) 680m (2232ft)
RWY 35 780m x 30m 680m (2232ft) 780m (2560ft) 680m (2232ft) 660m (2165ft)